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We are the 4th generation
wire industrialists

Our great-grandfather, a pioneer in the Spanish industry, instilled in his descendants that customer service and product quality are the keys to business success.

A thought very internalized and shared by Trefimed’s management team, professionals with thrust, excited to open new markets and improve production processes. Continuously innovating in all aspects of manufacturing and marketing, and maintaining maximum care and respect for the environment. So they can tell us what we tell of our ancestors.

Our first factory on Avenida del Puerto de Valencia, the origin of our history.

Today we produce a complete and varied range of wires for agricultural, greenhouse, packaging, packaging, cotton and industrial applications. Developing the entire manufacturing in our facilities, from the raw material, through all the treatments and processes, to the final presentation and packaging, specific and coded for each and every application.

Automation and robotization also allow us to maintain strict levels of quality, greater flexibility in production and better service to our customers, adapting to all market and need.

Our current and modern factory in Carlet